Seminars & Conferences

ELSA’s Seminars and Conferences key area aims to give law students and young lawyers from different countries the opportunity to learn and discuss different topics that are not usually included in the curricula of universities, thus contributing to a better legal, cultural and social education. It includes events like:
– Seminars
– Conferences
– Law schools
– Study visits
– Delegations


Seminars are relatively short events usually lasting three to seven days. A seminar is an event, which consists of several lectures about a legal topic or field of law. The topic is discussed in a plenary. Their main task is to provide students with a possibility of learning things, which they cannot learn at university, at least not as deeply. The speakers give lectures on topics that are often up-to-date and interesting at the very moment. International seminars cover topics of high international interest. Seminars also have a social side, giving the participants a chance to make friends and new contacts, and a cultural side, giving the participants the possibility for new experiences and cultural exchange.

Conferences are more scientific meetings than seminars and entail more individual participation and scientific contribution. In addition to lectures, the topic is discussed in smaller workshops. The workshop finally reports back to the plenary session, in which all the participants and speakers take part. It is recommended to make a short outline on the reached goals, especially with regards to scientific contribution after the event. The outline can be for example a publication or establishing a legal research group.

ELSA Law School

In order to provide law students and young lawyers with an opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience in various fields of law and to create the platforms for academic and cultural exchange, ELSA groups are organizing numerous law schools all over the Europe.

Our Law Schools are events lasting for at least a week with a minimum of a 20 hours scientific programme. Scientific programme includes lectures followed by workshops or any other means of more interactive learning methods, which deepen and emphasise different areas of the lecture. Law Schools are organised in close co-operation with an academic or institutional partner.

Study Visit

Study visits are the academic and cultural exchange of ELSA groups on a national or international level. Study visits may be bilateral (two groups visiting each other in turn), multilateral (several groups visiting one group) or unilateral (one group visiting another group). A Study Visit must involve at least 5 participants per group, to ensure the exchange. If multilateral, the total number of participants shall be at least 5. International study visits aim at mutual understanding and sharing cultural experiences and are combined with an academic programme providing exchange of legal knowledge. In addition to the academic programme, study visits contain a cultural and social programme. The only thing that restricts the content of a study visit is the imagination and the willingness of the participants as long as all agree.


ELSA Delegations are the unique opportunities to represent ELSA during the most important sessions of the main international organisations and the meetings of other international partners.

ELSA or ELS members, who have applied for the ELSA Delegation and have been appointed by the International Board, will sit next to national delegates and representatives of the most important NGOs, will experience, as observers, how decisions and policies are created at international level and will deepen their knowledge on relevant discussed issues.

This is possible because ELSA has gained a good name and reputation in the international legal community. Several International Institutions have recognised the high value and quality of ELSA’s past and current projects and for this reason decided to grant special status to our organisation by becoming our partners and cooperate with us at different levels.

Do not hesitate to contact our Vice President for S&C if you have any questions regarding S&C events: vpsc(at)