ELSA Turku

The European Law Students' Association ELSA is the world's largest independent, non-profit and academic Law students association whose aim is to enhance its members' professional and social skills. Seminars, conferences, various academic activities, as well as international trainee exchanges are different forms of activities that ELSA provides. ELSA has 45 member countries across the Europe and a total of more than 40 000 members in nearly 300 universities.

The purpose of ELSA’s activities is to bring diversity to Law studies. Furthermore, one aim is to develop mutual understanding and create a sense of social responsibility among Law students and young lawyers. ELSA offers Law students the opportunity to establish international contacts and to learn about other cultures and legal systems in the spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation.

Participation in academic activities helps Law students and young lawyers to obtain the necessary skills that are needed in a juridical profession and to gain practical experience, both of which prepare them for the more and more international challenges of working life.

ELSA Finland was founded in 1982 and there are also four local groups operating in Helsinki, Turku, Rovaniemi and Joensuu. ELSA Turku has currently more than 700 members. ELSA Finland acts as coordinator of the local groups. It takes care of the interaction with the international network of ELSA as well as with the International Board in Brussels. You can visit ELSA Finland's website  by clicking this.  

As a member of ELSA you are a part of the world’s largest Law students association. This gives you an opportunity meet people from all over the world and learn about career opportunities abroad.
Events in Finland and abroad
The purpose of ELSA’s activities is to bring diversity to Law studies. ELSA Turku organizes various events both in Finland and abroad such as excursions, seminars and study trips.
Soft skills
ELSA aims to prepare its members for professional life in an international environment. Develop your existing skills and acquire new ones by participating in our activities.