Aid for members attending ELSA events abroad

Members of ELSA Turku can apply for a financial support when attending ELSA events abroad. Such an aid may be granted up to 100 EUR per event, and 200 EUR per year.

Below you can find instructions for your application, if you plan to participate in an ELSA event abroad and you want to benefit from this aid.

Members can apply financial support with an informal application, which is addressed to the Board of ELSA Turku ry.

The application shall include:

  1. an estimate of the total costs of the journey (travel expenses, accommodation costs, registration fees, etc.)
  2. duration of the journey
  3. desired amount of the aid
  4. name, e-mail address and phone number
  5. bank account number and
  6. date of the application.

In addition, the application should include a copy of receipts, which amount at least to the desired amount of the aid (If you apply for 100 EUR, your application should therefore include, for example, receipts of plane tickets, which cost more than 100 EUR).

The application and its attachments should be sent to the Board of ELSA Turku well before the start of the event, either via email or post. In case the application has not been delivered at least two weeks before event or the start of the journey, the amount of the aid may be reduced or denied.

The board makes the decision on the grant and the amount of the aid, in the next meeting of the Board. The applicant will be notified of the decision through e-mail or telephone.

E-mail address of the Board: hallitus(at)